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Raising The Stones CD


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  1. The Last days Of Cain (i) Dead Man Rising (ii) Tears Of Tomorrow (iii) Ixion’s Conclusion
  2. Bad Karma (Monsters And Men)
  3. First Gate
    • (i)Open Yet Closed (Ghosts Of Jericho- Part 2)
    • (ii)Looking Heaven In The Face
  4. Corcyra – The Suppliants
  5. Dreaming Makes The World
    • (i) Variations
    • (ii) The Blood Plains Of Hev-Hem
    • (iii) Forever (iv) Aborted
  6. The Last Supper
    • (i)(Ylixiea’s Dream)
    • (ii) In Deep Waters
  7. Ghosts of Jericho (Part 1)
    • (i) Secrets Of Hidden Things
    • (ii) I Spy With My Little Life
    • (i)Black Rain
    • (ii)Webs
  8. Silently Seeking Euridice
    • (i) A Lover’s Tale
    • (ii) The Stalker’s Dance
    • (iii) Fixing Broken Hearts
    • (iv) The Trickery
    • (v) The Stalker’s Stance-Intending It
    • (vi) Will-o’-the-wish (The Illimitable Continuation Of An Ongoing Infinite Pursuit……….)

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